Why Get Out and Tour?

Adventure is all around us. Yet we tend to seek the exotic and amazing sights, sounds, and locales that lie far beyond the horizon and our imagination. However, one need not travel far to soak up incredible and mind bending experiences that can be found close to home.

With countless high quality blogs and resources focused on international and long-term bike touring, this blog aims to draw from these principles and my experiences to apply them on a local scale for regional bike touring.

In doing so, I will share my perspective, meditations, and learning experiences on getting the most out of bike touring and life in my own backyard—Northern California.

With this philosophy in mind, I hope you will find valuable tips and tricks that you can use to craft adventures close to home.

FullSizeRender (1)

Salt wash about 3.3 miles from home. Alviso Marina County Park, Alviso, CA.

My Philosophy on Gear

Full disclosure. I’m a huge gear nut. Most of my gear expenditures have been in the backpacking world, to date. Much of that gear can also be used for overnight biking excursions.

That said, I do firmly believe that you can have a rocking adventure with the gear you have, things you can borrow from friends, or things you can fashion together on the cheap.



My rig, fully loaded with all amenities of comfort for an overnight bike trip.

About Christopher

A dreamer, an explorer, an adventurer, and a husband. But my day job is in the corporate world.

While not attending back-to-back meetings, coding, running reports, or performing Q/A, I’m either enjoying a yummy home cooked meal with my lovely wife Amanda, or I’m planning my next adventure.

Bike touring is a new experience for me. I’m not a biker. I’d really consider myself a backpacker (one who hikes for multiple days and carries all camping equipment, food, and water). I lived in Utah for about 10 years, and enjoyed some great outdoor experiences, and learned some backcountry skills along the way.

For me, bike touring is a way for me to take my backpacking further. Rather than go the distances by foot with my pack, I throw all my gear on bike and get to travel further out and inwards.


“Eucalyptus Rest Area” approximately 30 miles from home. Coyote Creek Trail, Morgan Hill, CA.

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